Dry Red Chillies

Dry Red Chilies


Dry red chilli is a condiment that adds pungency and colour to the food. It has certain medicinal and homeopathic properties. We offer red chillies in a uniform shape and size. It is used mostly to temper dishes. The chillies have a sharp flavour. It has antibiotic properties and also acts as a pain killer. It provides relief from lung disease. India is the world’s largest producer, consumer and exporter of chilli. Capital investments in cold storage in the chilli growing areas give sustained production and market share for Indian chilli.

Red chillies are grown across India on 792,000 hectares of land in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The crop is planted in August and September, and harvested in March and April. Of the 1,376,000 million tons of red chilli produced in India every year, 70% are consumed domestically, while 30% are exported. Dried chilli exports make up 22% of all the spices exported from India.


Dry red chillies or hot pepper is taken as one of the most valuable crops in India available throughout the country and suitable to use with different food items. dry red chilli it is a popular ingredient in most Indian dishes and curries. red chillies are also used extensively for making sauces which are used to add spice to other dishes. they are an excellent source of vitamin c but excess use of red chillies may cause indigestion and heartburn. chilly is known as “mirchi” in India. chilly is used to enhance pungent taste of food. India is largest producer, consumer, manufacturers and exporters of red chilly in world. India is taken as world market leader for trading red chillies across different regions worldwide. it is available in multiple varieties having multiple purposes.

Available dry red chillies varieties In India as follow:



Teja S17 | Sanam S4 | Byadgi | Wrinkle 273 | Mahi S14

Wonderhot | Ramnad Mundu | Bird Eye’s Chilli

GradeStemless | Stemcut | With Stem
Admixture0.50% Max
Moisture10% Max
Volatile Oil5% Min
Foreign Material0% Max
FlavourAromatic Pungency
Packing10/20/25kg Jute & PP Bags
Loading ability1X20 FT FCL: 6 Tons & 1X40 FT FCL: 15 Tons