Dill Seeds

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Dill is an annual herb native of Central Asia, it is also widely grown in Europe and Northern Africa for its culinary and medicinal use. Dill weed, dried leaves of the same plant is also used for flavouring. It is milder in taste when compared to dill seed. Dill seeds are originated in Central Asia. It is however is also grown in large quantity in Egypt and Mediterranean countries or Eastern Europe. It is also getting popular in North America. It’s related species Sowa is grown in India whose fruits are larger but less fragrant. India and Pakistan are the major dill production areas, Egypt, Fiji, Mexico, Netherlands, United States, England, Hungary are other commercially productive areas, making small contributions to the world production.

India is the leading producer of dill seed and its derivatives. The exports of the essential oil and seeds have grown over the past five years. India supplies whole and powdered spice to various European countries. Indian dill seed is longer but narrower than its European seeds quality. Indian dill finds extensive use in foods, beverages, and medicines. It is a staple in eastern European cuisine, where it is used to flavour breads, vegetables, braised meats and soups, such as the classic Russian cabbage based soup called borsch. Then can also be used in Salad dressing or to make dill vinegar


Uses Of Dill Seeds:-

  • Dill Is Often Associated With Cooking. Dill Pickles, As Well As Meat, Fish, Egg Dishes, And Some Breads Are All Popular
  • Culinary Uses Of This Versatile Herb. Both The Seeds And The Plant Itself Are Used In Cooking, Making This Two-Season
  • Herb A Very Versatile Addition To The Kitchen.
  • Dill, Either The Seeds Or The Leaves, Can Be Soaked In Vinegar To Create A Flavourful Addition To Dishes Such As Potato Salad, Soup, Or Green Salads.
  • Oil Of Dill Is Used In Perfumes And Sometimes In The Preparation Of Soaps.
  • Dill Tea Can Be Beneficial To Individuals Suffering From Upset Stomach And/or Diarrhea, Menstrual Pain, Bad Breath, And Cough And Flu Symptoms. The Tea
  • Is Made By Steeping Two Teaspoons Crushed Dill Seed In One Cup Boiling Water For Ten Minutes. Strain A Milder Tasting Dill Tea Can Be Achieved By Combining One Teaspoon Of The Dried Dill Leaves With One Cup Boiling Water; Strain. As Noted Previously, Drinking Dill Tea Can Aid In The Production Of Milk For Lactating Mothers.


Purity99.50% | 99% Machine Clean & Sortex Clean
Admixture0.10% Max
Moisture5% Max
Volatile Oil1% Min
Foreign Material0.00% Max
FlavourAromatic and slightly bitter characteristic of Caraway.
Packing15/20/25/50kg Jute & PP Bags
Loading ability1X20 FT FCL: 19 Tons & 1X40 FT FCL : 25 Tons