Hulled Sesame Seeds

Hulled Sesame Seeds


Hulled Sesame Seeds are relatively softer and appetizing as compared to natural sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are one of the oldest condiments known to mankind; it is originated from the plant Sesamum Indicum L. suitable for human consumption. The husk/hull (skin) of these seeds are removed hence are called as Hulled Sesame Seeds

These hulled sesame seeds are uniformly bold in size, bright whiter in colour and used in bakery and confectionery products. The hulled Sesame Seeds are white in colour much softer and better digestible that retains all the flavourist characteristic of the natural seeds. Hulled Sesame Seeds enrich bakery confectionary products and are also the basis of the creamy sweet wholesome Tahini.

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Hulled Sesame Seed Uses: –

  • Hulled seeds are the most popular type to use in cooking.
  • When baked or toasted, Sesame Seeds acquire a delicious nutty, crunchy taste, which makes them popular on biscuits and breads and even sprinkled over ice cream instead of chopped nuts.
  • Hulled sesame seeds are extensively used in breads, burgers, sauces, cereals, crackers, spreads, drinks, granola, candies, soups & various other bakery and confectionary products to enrich its taste and nutritional values.
  • The seeds help cure Anaemia and prevent diabetes.
  • The seeds contain anti – cancer properties.
  • Sesame seeds help in providing relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Hulled sesame seeds can be used for cooking and they are usually put inside bakery items
  • They are crunchy in taste and can be used along with bread more nutty flavour
  • They have anti-cancer properties and prevents diabetes too.


Parameter Level
Purity99.90% | 99.95% | 99.97% | 99.98% | 99.99%
FFA1.5% Max
Moisture4% Max
Pesticide ResiduesWithin EU Regulations
Admixture00.05 % Min
Foreign Material0.00% Max OR As Per Customer Requirement
Oil content48% Min OR As Per Customer Requirement
Packing15/20/25/50kg Kraft Papper & PP Bags OR As Per Customer Requirement
Loading ability1X20 FT FCL: 18.5 Tons & 1X40 FT FCL: 26 Tons