Black Sesame Seeds

Black Sesame Seeds


Black sesame seed is an annual herb rick in iron, protein, vitamin, calcium and manganese. The seeds also have two rare amino acids that are not easily available in our daily diet. We can say black sesame seeds are single and whole source of health. Black sesame seeds are not hulled, which exposes their true seed colour. Black sesame seeds are more flavourful and have a stronger aroma than white or brown sesame seeds.

Black sesame seeds were originated in India and taken as prominent ingredient for plenty of Asian dishes. The seeds has better flavour than other common types like white or natural sesame seeds. Oil can be also be extracted from black sesame seeds that is further used for healthy cooking in your kitchen. To know more on our products and available variety, feel free to contact our expert team.


  • It is suitable to use with bakery products mainly bread sticks, candies, cookies, vegetables, pasta and curry dishes etc.
  • It has also wonderful medicinal benefits and good for your overall health.
  • Black sesame seeds are nutrients rich and good source of concentrated calories. They are also taken as preferable source of proteins.
  • Black sesame seeds are minerals rich too and preferable dietary fibber item.
  • Black sesame seeds had strong aroma and good flavour. At the same time, it is rich in fatty acids too.
  • The oil prepared using sesame seeds has a distinctive flavour and long shelf life and resists rancidity.

Specification Of Black Sesame Seeds:

Parameter Level
Purity99/1/1 & 99.95% Max
FFA1.5% Max
Moisture6% Max
Pesticide ResiduesWithin EU Regulations
Admixture00.05 % Min
Foreign Material0.00% Max OR As Per Customer Requirement
Oil content48% Min OR As Per Customer Requirement
Packing15/20/25/50kg Kraft Paper & PP Bags OR As Per Customer Requirement
Loading ability1X20 FT FCL: 19 Tons & 1X40 FT FCL: 27 Tons